Are you blocking money? love? security?….

Are you blocking money? love? security?….

Deberah Bringelson Eliminate Fear“Your mind is wired to reject things that are unfamiliar.” -Marissa Peer.

If you grew up without love, money, security; you will tend to reject it when it comes to you now because it is unfamiliar.

According to the research, your mind is wired to grafitate toward the familiar and away from the unfamiliar?

Think about someone who grew up in an unloving, abusive home. When they get older, we often see them choose to enter into unloving and abusive relationshps. It’s confusing. Why would someone do that?

The same is true for money. People who grew up in situations were struggle was familiar tend to recreate that experience as adults.

Think about yourself. Is that why you don’t have the loving relationship you want? The money, freedom or security you desire?

Have you ever known someone (or perhaps even you) who lands a great new job with a fabulous increase in salary and somehow they end up sabotaging it.  All that extra cash just seems to weigh them down. It’s fun by scary. So they end up finding a way to get pushed back to what they know, either by losing the job or by creating some huge expenses.

What’s The Answer?

The first solution is to become aware of what you’re doing and why.

Second is to begin to put yourself into situations where you can experience what you desire but are blocking. Next time you get a little uncomfortable about money or love or whatever you’re missing, breathe through the instinct to run. Take a deep breath. Recognize that your inclination to push away what you really do want and deserve (a fabulous loving partner, exciting opportunities for money and abundance, delicious newfound freedom, etc.) is merely an energetic response to abandon what is wanted in order to stay with what is familiar.

Experience the wonder and joy of what you want. Let it be uncomfortable.  Then the next time, let it be uncomfortable for a little bit longer.

Consciously, it may seem silly to have to build a tolerance for love, money and freedom. But when you’re not used to it, it can be overwhelming. The most important thing is to recognize what you’re going through, then allow yourself to experience it.

And, if you need a little help, use this FREE Guided Process to help you through the rough spots!

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