"What we face now is a pace of change that is unprecedented.  Major innovations that used to change once or twice in a generation, we’re seeing that now almost on an annual basis.

          …you need to stay relevant "

~ Kim Kadlec Worldwide Vice President Johnson & Johnson

We Don't Just Solve Problems

We Inspire Greatness!


In today’s fast-paced, turbulent and constantly changing economic conditions, companies that fail to change and strategize can go from being the most innovative in their industry to bankruptcy…

The global economy is becoming still more connected, creating a much larger and more diverse population of customers and suppliers. 

There are no industries or businesses that are immune to the effects of disruptive change.

"Companies that fail to keep up and fail to innovate will become tomorrow's version of the Sony walkman, left to the dust of history by the forward thinking creativity of Apple who anticipated what people wanted and gave it to them before they even knew they wanted it." ~ Deberah Bringelson


Overwhelming access to media, information and entertainment has profound effects on the way we think and act…

  • Globally, time spent online every month = 3,995,444 years!
  • U.S. users spend 32 hrs per month online.
  • 1 hour, 48 minutes -  dedicated to "Googling".
  • 7 hours, 46 minutes - Facebook.
  • Internet now diverts 26% of Americans’ media consumption time!

"What we face now is a pace of change that is unprecedented. Major innovations that used to change our lifestyles maybe once or twice in a generation, we’re seeing that now almost on an annual basis. You need to stay relevant among our consumers." ~ Kim Kadlec, Worldwide VP, Global Marketing, Johnson & Johnson


Diversity adds richness to both the team environment and the customer experience. It can be a tremendous asset. However, diversity without exceptional leadership, shared goals and clear communication and engagement can lead to:

  • Employees feeling rage at their coworkers (39%), increasing the risk of lawsuits impacting both reputation and the bottom line.
  • Increased employee turnover (9% to 32%)
  • Decreased sales (7%)
  • Decreased customer satisfaction
  • Alienation
  • Low Productivity

“Listening is one of the most important skills that anyone can have. That’s a very Virgin trait. Listening enables us to learn from each other, from the marketplace, and from the mistake that must be made in order to get anywhere that is original and disruptive.” ~ Richard Branson


Because of uncertainty in the global markets, government regulation, consumer whims and the "next big thing", many businesses have become reactionary, rather than strategic.

Team members to Division Managers to CEOs have traded in long-term planning and a foundation of success and have instead fallen into the "short-term focus trap", which too often leads to short-term results. 

As each new fear or shift arises or as the latest shiny new marketing gimmick floats by, many companies are creating their own instability because they are taken in by distractions, rather than Smart Business Strategy.

“It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.” ~ Steve Jobs

What if there was a magic formula ... for creating exponential

Personal, Professional and Business Wins?

The Power of 3 Difference

Time Tested Formula!

Proven Track Record!

Real Results!

Sample of Power of 3 Financial Results:

    • 3,500% growth
    • $600 million growth (12 months)
    • $50 Million investment

Deberah Bringelson, one of the most profit-producing business growth and empowerment experts in the world works with companies around the globe helping them achieve their own personal and business mastery, using the combined forces of the Power of 3.

  • 70% of workers don't like their job.
  • Overwhelm, long hours and the lack of work/life balance are the biggest stressors facing everyone from C-levels to managers to tribe members.
  • 56% of businesses are struggling to hire quality employees.
  • By 2016, global internet traffic will reach 1.3 zettabytes, dramatically affecting your ability to communicate with clients. Not to mention the cost.


Your Tribe - Energized! Excited! Innovating....together.

Your Clients - Hear you. Love you. Clamoring for more.

Your Company - Growing. Investing. Fun!

Deberah's "Secret Sauce"

Combining Secrets of Manifestation from ancient mystery schools with her own Native American Shamanic Traditions, Deberah weaves manifestation teachings with strategic business, creating her own powerful success formula, which is producing exponential results for companies around the world.

It is through these combined forces of the Power of 3 that people from the U.S. to Europe, India, Dubai, and Africa have begun living lives of ease, joy, abundance and fun, taking their businesses and lives from mundane to Mastery and ordinary to Extraordinary!

But the REAL Results are even more profound!




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Don't just "play" in your market!

Don't just "participate" in your market!

OWN Your Market!

Do you? Do you know how? We do!

Where do you stack up in the Hierarchy of Successful Businesses Needs?

Leadership is the foundation and the ultimate advantage of every successful business. Often, leadership positions are filled with people who've earned a promotion, but may not have the skills or desire to be real leaders.

What about your team? Are they superstars or average players?

And, back to the leadership? Are they Superstars? Are you? Your team will never outperform you and your leadership. If you are a B player, your team will most likely play a C or D game.

Do you have an intentional corporate culture? One that is fun, engaging and inspires everyone to dig a little deeper to perform and create success for everyone; team members, the company and clients alike?

Are you strategic in your messaging and your growth? Many companies want to grow, but don't have an intentional plan to get them there. The results are often chaotic, haphazard and less than stellar...built on frustration and minimal profits.

Steve Jobs says "it's not up to the customer to know what he wants." Is every member of your team consciously and intentionally innovating? Or will you go the way of the Sony walkman and be taken over by a more innovative Apple-esq competitor. Does your team even know how to innovate? Is innovation part of your culture?

Like the P3 Profit Principles, each step in the hierarchy of business needs builds upon the one below, but each is also interwoven with all of the rest.





Most companies make money from only 3% of their potential buyers. Is 97% of your revenue slipping through your fingers?

39% of employees feel rage at coworkers, increasing the risk of lawsuits and turnover, both with immense cost to your reputation and bottom line.




Strategic Immersion Workshops and Retreats

Total Transformation

In consultation with you and your team, Transformational Immersion Workshops and Retreats are fully customized to meet your company's specific needs.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation. Deberah@DeberahBringelson.com

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Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes have referred multi-million dollar clients to Deberah, knowing that she will always deliver exceptional results.

$0 to $600 Million in 12 months - The Back Story



All Power of 3 Immersion Workshops and Retreats are designed to meet the specific needs of you, your team and your company. Each is fully customized, drawing from a full suite of tools and activities. Deberah doesn't do "off the shelf". What you need....is what you get, even if we have to create something new, just for you! All P3 workshops and retreats are fully interactive. Participants learn by doing.

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