This Infection Is Viral and Costly!

This Infection Is Viral and Costly!

Negativity Is Costing You!Every person.  Hear me: Every person on this planet has a unique gift or talent that is special to them.  Everyone!  That includes you.

Are you using that gift or talent to make your life the best it can be?  To make your world the best it can be? Or, somewhere along the way, did you accept other peoples BS?

Did someone tell you you’re not smart enough?

  • Talented enough
  • Pretty/handsome enough
  • Good enough
  • Thin enough

Did someone tell you that you don’t deserve?

Or that you’ll never be a __________
Or, “You’ll never amount to anything.”

Wow!  If that’s the only thing holding you back, you are in luck.  What you’ve done is adopt someone else’s BS = Belief System.

See someone told them that same thing.  Or something in life tripped them up and they never got back up.  So, they created BS and then they infected you.

Belief Systems are like toxic, infectious viruses. They get into your brain and eat away, they attach themselves to your heart and then your soul. They’re destructive.

And, if you remember nothing else, this whole year, remember this: Negative Belief Systems are NOT true.  They’re just someone else’s opinion.  What if that person has a negative opinion of themselves.  They don’t like themselves, they feel bad about themselves. What do they do?  Most of the time they infect everyone around them.And because they’re so critical of themselves, they are critical of everyone else.

See, if they bring down the people around them…..well then they don’t feel so bad about themselves.

Did you know that the primary causes of depression are the negative, critical things we say to our selves?  But we weren’t born telling ourselves we weren’t enough. We were born happy and complete. It’s through adopting the beliefs and negativity of others that we started beating up on ourselves.


Who are you allowing to infect you?


It’s just their BS. And, since it’s a big fat lie……..why make it yours?  Don’t!  Starting today, consciously begin saying loving, kind things to you.  You are awesome.  You deserve great things, love, joy and abundance. Claim it!

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