The Secret to Creating -Turn Your Body On!

The Secret to Creating -Turn Your Body On!

Attract what you wantI encounter and work with people every day who have danced with the idea of manifesting their desires. They’ve read the book, seen movies like the Secret…but it’s just not working for them.  Why?

If manifesting is not working for you, it is most likely because you don’t believe.

Wanting something, thinking about it, visualizing it are all well and good. But if you believe that you cannot have it or that it will take a lot of effort, years of planning, hard work… or that you’re not good enough or deserving…your core beliefs will win out every time.

What do I mean by core beliefs?

Core beliefs are rooted in our bodies.  They are not head thoughts.   Often we feel them in our gut or solar plexus.

Your body was designed for more than carrying your innards around. It actually was designed to be a sensor, providing you with incredible and valuable information about every person, situation or experience you encounter.  We’ve been conditioned though to ignore our bodies.  We’ve been taught that we need intermediaries, like priests or counselors to interpret for us.   Most of us still have a small window to our bodies sensory abilities, experiencing things like the hairs raising on the back of our necks or the tingle that goes down our spine in warning. And some will get that gut feeling that something is off.  But most of us have turned off or learned to ignore our body’s natural guidance system.

It’s Time – Turn Your Body On!

Try this little test.  Think of something that you really, really want, but have not been able to create.  As you think of it, notice what your head is saying, but even more importantly, notice what feelings you have in your body, especially in the area around your sacral chakra, solar plexus and heart.  (generally the region between your hips and heart).  What to you notice there?  A twinge, a tingle, something stronger.  Fear? Anxiety?

Compare what your head is saying (your thoughts) with what your body is saying (the sensations and feelings in your core).



Nadia was a beautiful, talented woman in her mid-thirties.  A few years before we met, she had started her own business and it was floundering.  Her revenue was almost non-existent.  We revamped her marketing, her sales and put in all of the systems that based 20 years of experience, I knew were time tested and proven to work.

Nadia had very lofty goals for her company.  In her head she envisioned a multi-million dollar company.   She knew the market was primed and ready for her product.  She visualized. She meditated.  She did affirmations.

Nothing improved.  Why?

Deberah Bringelson testimonial

She agreed to allow me to do some guided processes with her to uncover what was blocking her from achieving the success and wealth she wanted, said she deserved and believed she was ready for.

Nadia came from a wealthy family.   Things were easy for her.  She never wanted for anything.  What we discovered was that in her “core” she had a deep belief that she didn’t deserve.  When she looked around at people who were struggling and compared that with her life of luxury and wealth, she felt unworthy.

What we discovered is that every time we discussed projected revenue in the millions of dollars, every time she did her affirmations and visioning, her head was saying “yes, I want that, I can have that”, but her body, her core beliefs were saying “no, you don’t deserve.  Why should you have it so easy when others do not?”

When your head thoughts (desires) are in conflict with your core beliefs, your beliefs win every time. Every time!

Rest Into The Knowing

In order to manifest or create your future, you have to know with absolute certainty that it IS.  When you think about the income you want, the new car, the first class trip, the healthy body you want, you KNOW with absolute certainty that it IS.

So what happened with Nadia?  We cleared away those core beliefs and literally within days she created $298 Million (yes million) dollars.

Today! Not “Some” Day!

It’s not “some day” or “when I make enough money” or I’m saving and I hope I don’t have any emergency expenses…it’s “I KNOW”, “I AM”, “It IS”!

When you get the place where your head, your body, and your emotions are all in alignment, all knowing and joyfully receiving…that’s when the manifesting begins. That is when the magic happens.

Wishing you a magical day filled with love and light!

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