"Deberah creates a vision that inspires.

She gives nothing less than 110%"

- Tedi Vrihas, AT&T

Deberah's No Diva!

In a "previous life" she hosted 100s of events. She knows what you need! She shows up on time, engages the audience before and after her speech...is always prepared...and ready to Wow!




One of the most engaging
experiences you will have all year



From Mundane to Mastery!

Shift Your Business...

Imagine your team, empowered, innovating, anticipating what your buyers want, having fun Imagine, exponential, manageable revenue growth.

Shift Your Money...

Imagine taking 6 months off and tripling your revenue!

Shift Your Life...

Imagine mastering your life and actually enjoying it!

What would it be like if there was a magic formula that would shift you from

...Ordinary to Extraordinary!

"Deberah, you literallychanged my life!" ~ Noah Samara , CEO Yazmi

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Business Mastery! Wealth Mastery!
Life Mastery!

Exponential Results: What if there was a magical formula for creating massive personal, professional and business wins?

Deberah Bringelson, one of the most profit-producing business growth and empowerment experts in the world teaches audiences around the globe how to achieve their own Life Mastery, using the combined forces of the Power of 3.

Deberah's "Secret Sauce"

Combining Secrets of Manifestation, from ancient mystery schools, to her own Native American shamanic traditions, Deberah weaves manifestation teachings with highly innnovative business strategies, creating her own success formula. Her proven formula has created extraordinary results: 3,549% growth, $600 million growth in 12 months.

It is through these combined forces of the Power of 3 that people from the U.S. to Europe, India, Dubai, and Africa have begun living lives of ease, joy, abundance and fun, taking their businesses and lives from mundane to Mastery and ordinary to Extraordinary!

If you had this formula....imagine what you could do? What would it be worth?



Learn the exact same strategies … used to create million dollar ventures with business titans,

... such as Sir Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even deals that were doomed from the start!

*These strategies aren't just for billionaires! They work in any career, any business...and LIFE!

This isn’t another boring speech.

...it’s a life -"creating" experience.

        • Success Mastery!
        • Wealth Mastery!
        • Life Mastery!

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When you limit yourself financially, you limit your ability to fully experience and enjoy life. - Deberah Bringelson

Psssst! One CEO experienced "The Shift" and increased revenue 101%,

another grew their business by 3,500%.

One executive nailed a $50 million investment!...

and one C-Level took 6 months off, traveling the globe: swimming with humpback whales in the wild, kayaking,hanging out with wild monkeys and drinking champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower ...all while tripling income.

What magic will you create?