Do You Have Success Or A Good Story?

Do You Have Success Or A Good Story?

Power of Life-TellingWhat do you want out of life….success or a good story? Sadly too many of us opt for the story.

As you know, we’ve been getting up at dawn every day to do the monkey bars. My daughter is obsessed. She’s consistently gotten 6 out of 7 bars, but that last one has eluded her.

This morning, she opted for a story, instead of success. The first story was that I needed to stop cheering and be quiet. Next, it was that I wasn’t cheering “that’s the problem”, then the first 2 bars were too slippery. We never did get to global warming as the reason for being unable to do them, but she’s only 5. Global warming isn’t on her radar yet!

The bottom line? Today we didn’t even get to the 6th bar. The “story” was more important than success.

How about you? What great stories do you have? What are your stories that are robbing you of success?? You father was an alcoholic? You were poor? Your boss hates you? The President is a failure? The oil companies are out to rob you.

Well, those all have the makings of a great “story”. But do they have the ability to create your success? No.

So, it’s a choice. When talking to yourself and to your friends, do you tell them your tales of woe? Or do you tell them about the amazing class you’re taking that’s teaching you valuable new skills? Or about the great book you’re reading that is giving you wonderful personal power for achieving goals?

Do you talk about how thrilled you are with the success you’re achieving?

As I told my daughter today. It’s a choice. You can whine and complain about the color of the sky….or you can be positive, focused and create amazing success. You know what, she’s only 5…but she got it. She turned herself around and gave it one more try. No, she didn’t actually get the 7th bar today. But she’s positive and focused and ready to get up at dawn tomorrow to give it another try.

How about you? It‘s a choice. It’s your stories or your amazing life.

If you choose your life, I’d like you to do something today – for you.

Write down your story. Write down how awful it was. Write your anger, your hurt, your frustration. If you can, cry your tears. Write it all down. Don’t leave out one single thing. Because this is the last time you will ever tell this story. Get it all out.

Now think about how amazing you are for living through and surviving your experience. Yes, it was awful. But you survived. You have the intelligence, savvy, tenacity, courage….to survive. Think about the amazing things that you did to survive. Wow!

Now just sit for a moment and allow the reality of the amazing being that you really are to wash over you. Allow the peace of letting it go take over your body mind and spirit.

Once that’s done, get a match and set your story on fire. Release it to the Great I AM. You don’t need it any more.

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