Try This Exercise To Retrain Your Brain To Heal From Traumatic Experiences

Try This Exercise To Retrain Your Brain To Heal From Traumatic Experiences

Brain Neuroplasticity

What are your and your employee’s past experiences costing you? 

Even a quick look at the research tells us that the long-term financial costs of traumatic experiences, especially in childhood, are dramatic. In the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Have you experienced a traumatic event in your childhood or even recently.  Sciences has proven that the brain is beautifully malleable. It’s called neuroplasticity.

“Until we clear the “heat” from trauma, betrayal, hurt and pain; we are constantly reliving it, even if we think we’ve successfully buried it. The personal, professional and financial costs are often greater than those of the original experience.”
– Deberah Bringelson

Here’s a personal experience. Throughout my childhood, I experienced massive trauma that left me with a lot of emotional baggage. There was a tremendous amount of “heat”surrounding both the experiences and the people involved. For many reasons, this “heat” was keeping me traumatized and preventing me from having life and relationships I wanted. I was locked into those moments and years and in some ways recreating the trauma regularly.

Try this exercise:  Have you had similar experiences? Is your anger, frustration, hurt and pain from an experience or loss keeping you charged or locked into a past trauma?  Give this exercise a try.  It will take as long as it takes, but for me, it’s about a 15 minute exercise.  Mentally visualize the experience. Just see it play out in your mind. See the players involved, see yourself.  Now, this is the key, really notice and acknowledge yourself for having survived and made it through the experience. Feel tremendous relief, gratitude, joy for yourself. It was awful and you survived it.

Often when we experience something we don’t want, we go into a self-protective mode and squash the experience down in out minds.  We may be embarrassed. We’re certainly, hurt and angry. But often we direct that hurt and anger inward to ourselves. We feel shame.

In this exercise, allow the experience to become fully exposed. But rather than shame or guilt directed at yourself, feel pride.  Wow! As traumatic as it was, you survived. You made it through.  Wow! Congratulations!

Breathe! Now. Feel around for the “heat”. Is it less than it was? Gone?  For me, even now when I try to feel for it, it’s gone.

The best thing about that is that I’m no longer re-living the trauma and I’m not creating the new moments of my life from a constricted, angry place.  I can create joy because I’m coming from joy.  You can too!

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Recommendation: Do this exercise yourself and share it with your team. It will make a difference in the amount of joy you experience and very well could affect your profits!

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